Bernadette Lavaud, Ubud, July 2014

I am a French woman, I met Nita a year and half ago in Ubud (Bali).

I live in Bali for several years already.

I wanted to speak Indonesian language, daily and I had look for a teacher .

I knew a little bit Indonesian but I wanted more.
We used to talk a hour and half, once a week.
Nita used a very attractive way to talk.
She says: please tell me a story or what are you doing, last week.
So, I check a lot of words, and quickly I try to make sentences.
When I don t understand a word, she tries first to explain to me with Indonesian words, and later with an English word if it is too difficult for me.
I think it is a very clever way to interest me, and to give me desire to talk more and more, because it is about my life, my thoughts.

And a few months later, when I know enough words, Nita tell me a story in Indonesian.
She talks about a movie, a newspaper information, for instance. It is very interesting. We used to talk about the way of life, differences between European people and Asian people .

Nita is conscientious: she gives homework and she controls vocabulary and explains what it is right, what it is wrong.
I take pleasure to learn a new language .


Marianne Bruneau, Ubud, August 2014

I already spoke indonesian when i met nita . But if i had words , I didn't put them in the right place.
All the time i wanted to go too quickly to express what i need to say.
She is always taking time and be patient to correct me to put my sentence in a right way.

She teaches Indonesian in a practical way , using practical life situation to improve my Indonesian.
It feels more like a time to play than a time to study but the result is there.

With this method i progress with pleasure. And my daily life is more easy; to go shopping, to ask my way, to meet Indonesian people...

I only could say one thing: ask her to be your teacher , you'll spend good time and quickly become advance in your Indonesian practice.
Thanks nita.