Junita Koswara

Founder/Lead Instructor

Junita Koswara is originally from Jakarta and is a university-trained architect and has 12 years work experience in Jakarta, Malaysia, and Bali. In 2008 she moved to Bali to co-found Bali Center for Artistic Creativity (BCAC), an Ubud-based organization teaching fine art and its philosophy to Bali visitors and local people, as well as International School groups.

She currently works as the  Executive Assistant of Managing Director and  Special Projects Manager at Green School, Bali, and will soon be focusing only in her new passion to teach Bahasa Indonesia. In this field, she is trained in courses for Adult Learner Teaching Methods and Foreign Language Teaching.

Belajar Bahasaku was created to further Junita's passion for sharing Indonesian culture with people from all over the world. Its goal is to create a deeper understanding between Indonesians and the western community in Bali. 

Belajar Bahasaku provides classes to learn Bahasa Indonesia in the Island of Gods, Bali.

Community Service Learning 

At Belajar Bahasaku we believe that community service goes hand-in-hand with learning. We use service as a tool for helping our students understand and grow. We partner with projects like the Kupu Kupu Foundation, which helps disabled children and the Kul-Kul Connection, which brings English instruction to local students. These partnerships, and others like them, put all of our students in direct contact with members of the local community. They also help our students form relationships to keep and nurture after their course is over. The results are amazing learning experiences for everyone involved and deeper appreciation on all sides. This process is fundamental to our work at Belajar Bahasa. 

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Our mission is to encourage western residents and visitors to develop their ability to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia. We believe that learning the language of a place is the key to understanding its culture and its people. Without this understanding our western guests can never experience the full magic of Indonesia and Bali. Learning Bahasa Indonesia also creates respect and trust between the local community and westerners. At Belajar Bahasaku we want to create deeper connection between all the people living on this beautiful island and in this amazing country. 

Teaching Philosophy

The teaching philosophy in all of our courses incorporates modern, interactive, critical thinking and a strong emphasis on practical, real-world language skills. Many western students are used to having Bahasa Indonesia presented in a very rote, traditional and formal way. This approach is widely used in schools throughout Indonesia. At Belajar Bahasaku we understand that this style of instruction is not always effective for western learners. We do our best to keep our class time fun, interactive and dynamic while using the well-known Australian series "Keren!" and other professionally developed texts as a foundation for systematic learning in our group and private courses.